History is part of the July New Release from Kindred Stamps. It will be available Friday July 24th. Join the fan club page event for exciting stamp sets and products. This is a Triangle Corner Pop up Card. YouTube has videos on it. Vicki and Jan B have good tutorials on it.https://www.kindredstamps.com/products/history-makers?_pos=1&_sid=11dd65471&_ss=r


Sorry this is in the wrong order
for the floor I drew squares then lines in opposite directions in each square, similar to a checkerboard pattern.
Made little squares using 3/4″ strips scoring every 3/4″ you need 5 squares on each strip.
Cut and ripped strips for this effect. It is an A2 size.
This slimline card has all the fascinating characters on it.
Used the slimline Scroll Stencil, which is part of the new release. This was my 1st time using Catherine Pooler Inks, available through Kindred Stamps. I love the quality of them.
Hope you enjoyed my projects using the History set from Kindred Stamps. Check out their fan club Facebook page, you can join the event for more sneak peeks throughout the week. Kindred Stamps is also on Instagram.

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